2017 RVA Open

The Event

The 2017 RVA Open is an Olympic weightlifting competition (USAW Sanction Pending).

RVA Performance Training is hosting the event, and is supported by the RVA Weightlifting team.

The RVA Open is in its 6th year, and each year we have tried to improve upon the last. We love the sport of weightlifting and our goal is to help grow the sport. We feel the best way to accomplish that is by putting on professional, organized and fun meets while providing the best lifters the chance to compete for cash prizes. Past participants have included Lindsey Stroker, Lauren Rutan, Ricklynn Long, Holley Mangold, Tayler Harris, Jillian Mull, Rachael Davis, Caine and Coard Wilkes, Phil Sabatini, Adam Beytin, Trevor Britton, Matt Bergeron, Sean Rigsby, and CJ and Omar Cummings.


Spectator admission:  $10/day, $15/weekend

Parking:  On site parking available.


The 2017 RVA Open will take place 6/10+11 at RVA Performance Training.

2522-D Hermitage Road

Richmond, VA 23220

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Saturday June 10th

  • 8AM:  Session 1:  Men, through 165KG total
  • 10AM:  Session 2:  Women, through 100KG total 
  • Noon:  Session 3:  Men, 167-185KG total
  • 2PM:  Session 4:  Women, 149KG+ total
  • 4PM:  Session 5:  Men, 237KG+ total

Sunday June 11th

  • 8AM:  Session 6:  Women, 101-115KG total
  • 10AM:  Session 7:  Men, 188-200KG total
  • Noon:  Session 8:  Women, 117-129KG total
  • 2PM:  Session 9:  Men, 202-234KG total
  • 4PM:  Session 10:  Women, 130-148KG total



USAW membership is required for all lifters. You can register for a USAW membership here.

You will need your USAW number and a picture ID to check-in. 

The cost is $90 for registration.  There will be no day of registrations.

Refunds allowed through 5/15/17

Registration changes will be allowed through 5/26/17

Singlets are required.


Team ranking will follow a modified version of the IWF team ranking rules.  All participants of the meet who list a team both on their registration for the meet and officially with USAW, will be considered a part of that team.

Ranking will be determined by taking the top 8 men and women, by points earned using the methods below, but no greater than 2 in any one weight class, that total, and assigning each one points that contribute to the team score.

For team ranking purposes, points will be assigned without regard to age group.  Those in Youth classes will be ranked as if they competed in the appropriate Senior weight class.

Points assigned with respect to the total number of lifters in each weight class.  1st place in a class will receive points equal to the total number of competitors in that class.  1st place in a class of 15 competitors receives 15 points, 2nd place receives 14 points, last place receives 1 point.


Ranking will be determined by Sinclair.

Awards as follows:

1st place $1000

2nd place $500

3rd place $250